A Special Message from Alan Brain, director of The Rumba Kings.

Dear Friend of The Rumba Kings Film,

I hope you and your family and friends are doing well in these complex times. I want to reach out personally to thank you for all the love and support you have given to this film during the time it took to complete it. It means a lot to all the team and it gives us energy to keep moving forward.

I also want you to know that without your passion for Congolese rumba, we would have not been able to make this film. Your enthusiasm kept us going through all these years, and we are eternally grateful for that. You are a very important part of this film.

I know it has been a long road already and I'm very aware that your main question right now is: How can I watch the film?

So, let me answer that question the best way I can. 

The film had its world premiere at DOXA film festival on May 6.

We have applied to many other film festivals in many other countries, and we are waiting for responses. You can go to our homepage and click on screenings to see the new screenings with dates and links to buy tickets. Every new festival that includes the film in its selection is a new opportunity for you to watch it. We will announce each one of these new festivals in our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. So, please make sure you follow us so you do not miss the updates.

In parallel to this process of getting into film festivals, we are working hard to try to get a distribution deal for the film to either put it in Netflix, Amazon Prime or in DVD release. But, this can be a long process and we can not be sure of the outcome.

If you want to help us get into Netflix, please go to this Netflix page.

There you can request Netflix to get a specific film for their catalog. Yo do not need an account to do it. Just go there and write "The Rumba Kings" and click on "Submit".

I hope this helps you understand the current situation, and I hope you all know how important you are for us.

If you have any ideas for distribution, or if you have any film or cultural festivals you would like us to apply, please send us an email to: info@therumbakings.com

We reply to every email we receive. 

Once more, thanks for the love.

Love and Sukuma Grave!!!

Alan Brain